About Us
Long-time Certified Organic Market Gardeners, Now Retired

image Once we planted nearly two acres of our 64-acre farm, farming intensively and organically, certified by the Tennessee Land Stewardship Association. We raised chickens, barnyard ducks, pastured pigs, and sheep. We sold eggs and meat. We grew cutting flowers for market bouquets. Once we semi-retired, we grew raspberries, blackberries, asparagus and cherry tomatoes for market. Now, it's just for us and ours. Whew!

We went from this:

To this:

To this - and we're ever grateful to the concept, which will allow us to garden on and on.

We've added another 80 feet of raised beds along the driveway for growing flowers. No more mucking about in mud to cut the perfect bunch of sunflowers. More about that in our gallery of photographs, once the season starts.